I’m very excited to share the stunning portraits from the last photo shoot with Alejandra. I met this beautiful woman 6 years ago through work. As many of you may know, before turning my passion into my full time job I worked in agricultural research for quite some time. During that period, I had the pleasure to meet Alejandra who came to the US from South America to pursue an internship in the company I was working for. We became friends since then and I had not only witnessed all the big changes in her life: moving to the US, getting married, becoming a mother, but I also had the joy and pleasure to photograph her and celebrate all her blessings and growth as a woman, daughter, wife and mother. I have photographed Alejandra five times now and it always amazes me how many different facets I have captured of her. Every portrait tells a beautiful unique story and I am very happy to have created portraits of her that will become her legacy. I can imagine how proud and happy her son and family will feel when looking at these portraits of Alejandra 10, 20, 30… years from now. These photographs will remind them of the beautiful lovely woman she is inside and out. What a blessing it is to document someone’s life through photography. I definitely couldn't ask for a better job.

Here are some of her beautiful portraits.


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