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I have not been spending much time in front of a camera, or even a mirror in a long time. Life gets busy. Gravity does it work. I took photos of everyone else, but when it came time to share the albums of our times together I was half hidden behind a potted plant or peaking over the shoulders while standing behind others! People lived, people died, but mostly I was invisible! Then I needed a profile shot for a book about to be published. Yikes! It was time for a make over. Someone who knew how to do magic! Someone who could make me feel comfortable in my own skin and then quick capture the moment! I picked the right person. She made me visible before I could hide. She made me laugh through metamorphosis. She was kind and fun to be with, and knew what she was doing when I didn't have a clue! I am thankful I took the time and the chance to take a look at myself through her compassionate eyes. She is truly an amazing artist, and I'm so happy I talked myself into this!

 Engagement photos of a beautiful couple by Sacramento photographer Mayumi Acosta

what kelly said…

Mayumi is an amazingly talented photographer and beautiful soul. I am so grateful to have worked with her!!! I loved every part of this process from start to finish. We decided to go with Mayumi for our engagement photos because of her impressive female portraiture and beautiful artistic sensibilities -- and she did not disappoint! It was really fun to share our inspiration and watch it spark even more creativity. On the day of our shoot, I felt so special and had a blast getting my hair and make up done and trying on all the fancy gowns she has available. Mayumi did an incredible job walking us through our poses and posture. I felt really at ease and comfortable during the whole process. Time flew by! Coming to her studio to see the final images a few weeks later was like a VIP reveal!!! Seeing all the amazing images she captured on the wall and the video she made nearly brought me to tears. Mayumi has a real gift for capturing the beauty and essence in your soul.

 Portrait from a Personal branding and glamour photo session with Mayumi Acosta Photography in Sacramento CA


I initially met with Mayumi to specifically discuss personal branding photos. After viewing her amazing portfolio; I decided to include the glamour photos as well. The women in her portfolio not only displayed their natural beauty; but portrayed such confidence. Mayumi's instruction throughout the photo shoot was amazing; from smiling, posing techniques, and body language. My photos amazingly displayed natural beauty, warmth and confidence; all the essential elements for personal/business branding. I must say...this was an experience of a lifetime! I was treated like a star, model & and actress from my hair to my makeup to fashion. Every woman deserves to treat herself to such an amazing experience and to create an image of what is to be remembered forever. You will not regret that you did.

 Contemporary Family Portraits by Sacramento Photographer Mayumi Acosta

what Christine said…

We had our engagement photos and family photos all at one time. Our experience was memorable and truly once in a lifetime! You helped bring out the elegance, natural beauty and charm out of all 3 of us and we were comfortable throughout the entire process. Thank you so much Mayumi for this amazing experience and I pray you continue to touch the lives of many with your photography.

 Beautiful Glamour Portraits by Sacramento Photographer Mayumi Acosta


Mayumi is simply amazing! I decided to gift myself with professional pictures for my 30th birthday this year and was overwhelmed with how the pictures turned out! The whole experience from beginning to end was a gift in itself. From getting my hair and make up done to the photoshoot itself was a real treat. Mayumi is so thoughtful and warm. She has an incredible eye and knows exactly how to pose you to accentuate your best features. I struggle with body positivity, being a larger woman, but looking at the pictures Mayumi took I was able to see how beautiful I am not only inside but outside as well! If you're looking for a photographer for any reason look no further. There's no way you'll be disappointed.

Client testimonial about Mayumi Acosta Photography written by Anne.jpg


Words cannot describe how amazing my experience was. I have been going through a funk, just feeling gross and not pretty. I regret not appreciating my youth when I was in my 20s, and I was thinking that I'll probably feel exactly the same way 10 years from now about my 30s. As much as I don't like looking at myself, I figured I should get some professional photos done now so I can avoid that regret later. Mayumi's portfolio was by far the best out of the photographers I looked at, so I decided to book with her. The photoshoot takes about half the day--first you get your makeup and hair done, which is awesome by itself, and then she takes photos of you in several outfits (she has a wardrobe that is filled with beautiful dresses). I felt really comfortable and a little like a movie star. I was really impressed with her attention to detail too!. I am a pretty awkward person, but she managed to make me look so glamorous and confident in my photos. My photo shoot was so much more than I imagined it would be. I feel much better about myself, now that I have seen myself looking like a celebrity in a magazine. I never imagined this would end up being such a positive thing in my life, but it really has. Thank you SO MUCH!

Review of glamour photo shoot with Mayumi Acosta Photography.jpg

what amanda said…

After my recent Glamour Session with Mayumi Acosta Photography, I feel more confident every day. I am more aware of my posture & I am more conscious of my smile all the time now! It was an unexpected surprise to realize that I will cherish this experience, alongside the photos, for the rest of my life. The images that she creates are pieces of art. I never like photos of myself & I almost cried when viewing my set because I couldn't even narrow them down. This is one of the most empowering experiences and the Photographs Mayumi creates are incomparable

 Portrait from a dream photo shoot in Vienna with Mayumi Acosta Photography

what Dina said…

My dream shoot in Vienna with Mayumi was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every minute of it and I felt so beautiful and graceful. Mayumi's professionalism, her calming energy and posing direction made me feel confident in font of the camera. I love the results and will treasure the pictures forever!



I had a such an amazing experience being photographed by Mayumi Acosta! I felt very confident, grounded, and comfortable being visible to the camera. It was very exciting for me because I've never been photographed before and after having my Glamour Session with Mayumi I've realized that there is so much creativity involved. I was able to embrace my body and my beauty the way I wanted to, which made me smile through out the whole session. I was then thrilled to see my photos and they came out to be gorgeous! Now after having this session, I feel even more confident in myself, and I learned how to position my body for any photo I need to take. Thank you to Mayumi!

 Personal Branding Portraits for Business woman in Sacramento CA

what Danielle said…

Mayumi's craft at capturing the essence of the human body and energy is unlike any photographer I've worked with. She captures deep into the spirit of her clients and draws out the beauty within. Her quality of work, displays and inventing personality makes you feel so special and unique. She's extremely gifted in her craft. Her work is exquisite!

 Stunning glamour portrai by Sacramento Top Photographer Mayumi Acosta


Mayumi is SO amazing! She captured a side of me that I never really knew existed. I was uncomfortable, nervous, and scared at first. I came in with a bad cold sore and felt so ugly. Thanks to makeup done by Amanda, I felt so much better.I never really thought I was pretty. I always thought of myself as a weird and awkward workaholic, but Mayumi was so kind and patient with showing and teaching me. With Mayumi's directions and help, I became more comfortable and confident in my skin. I am very happy to have chosen Mayumi to do this photoshoot. She is very creative and has a gift for photography. I loved how all the pictures came out, I had such a hard time choosing which portraits to take home with me. Thank you so much, Mayumi! I was able to see myself differently and appreciate myself a little bit more.

 Personal Branding Portraits by Sacramento Top Photographer Mayumi Acosta


I am going to be honest here.... photographers are notorious for avoiding being on the receiving end of the lens, I am no exception. I am pretty critical of my own pictures when I view them much like many of my own clients. Going into this personal branding session I was hoping to like 3 or 4 images. I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I had 30 images that I absolutely loved. The whole experience was wonderful from the consult, makeup and of course the guided shoot. Mayumi is wonderful and I am so happy I did this for myself. Thank You Mayumi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Modern personal branding portraits of Sacramento realtor by Mayumi Acosta Photography


I am so glad I went with Mayumi and her vision instead of going to someone else for traditional head shots. I wanted professional branding photos for my real estate business that stood out from the crowd. I got that x1000 with Mayumi.
I had no experience behind a camera. I hadn't even gotten my makeup done before! The stylist was incredible - I loved the polished hair and makeup she gave me (thanks A.J.!)
Mayumi showed me the ropes with flattering poses and posture. She knew them all! I ended up with a huge variety to choose from. I think we did five outfits, four backgrounds and many angles and stances. All turned out to look amazing! And the shoot had such a fun vibe the entire time.
I'm so excited to use my new branding images and I would absolutely recommend Mayumi to anyone looking for the best of the best in professional portrait and branding photography.

Review of Glamour photo shoot with Sacramento photographer Mayumi Acosta

what adesuwa said

One word...Majestic! Mayumi brought me out of my shell. It was nostalgic and exciting. Elegance personified. Every session was a story told. I will definitely do this again. I'm beautiful but Mayumi added fabulosity with this piece of art. Thank you Mayumi!

 Outdoor and Studio Photo Session for high school senior girl by sacramento photographer Mayumi Acosta


Mayumi is truly a gifted individual. I am so happy to have had my photos taken by her. Her patience made the photoshoot go so smoothly. Mayumi guided me through different poses I have never done before and they came out so natural and effortless! She taught me how to be more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Her creativity and hard work shines through all photos she takes. I absolutely love how all the photos from the glamour session turned out. This was one experience I'll never forget. If you're thinking about doing a photoshoot, go see Mayumi Acosta, you will not be disappointed!.

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